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West Chester Siblings Create Organic Weed Killer

[Daily Local News excerpt from article below.]

Sierra Club member and Democratic candidate for mayor, Dianne Herrin, said that the project is a great educational project for Sierra Club youth.

“It teaches them that there are alternatives for managing our environment that are much safer,” Herrin said. “It teaches them how to become engaged – to become a part of the solution.”

The World Health Organization has noted that an ingredient in Roundup, Glyphosate, is a probable carcinogen, an association with Hodgkin lymphoma, said Herrin.

The vinegar and salt pull the moisture out of the plant, effectively killing it. The dish soap is added to make the mixture adhere to plants.

Herrin favors the vinegar approach when treating weeds.

“There’s a misconception that what goes into the sidewalks stays in the sidewalk, but that’s not the case; toxic chemicals get into our soil and water,” she said.

[Full article starts here]

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