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Mayor Herrin conducted a survey to gauge Borough residents’ and property owners’ interest in our in-town

events. It is intended to help guide the borough’s re-evaluation of event fee and permit approval criteria, and

events policies.


This survey includes responses from 123 residents and property owners and is intended to gauge the views of

Borough taxpayers.

West Chester Borough’s taxpayers strongly support events in town, to the extent that nearly half (47%) are

willing to bear a reasonable portion of the cost. “Reasonable,” however, is not defined in this survey.

From 50% to 89% of responders participate in our in-town events, depending on the event. The 5K races are the

least popular, while the parades are the most popular.

The Christmas parade is by far the most popular event, with 82% participating often. Many residents and

property owners enthusiastically support this event. However, even among the supporters, many have concerns

about length (too long), traffic/pedestrian safety, and parking problems.

Overall, residents love our in-town events because they believe the events add vibrance, community, and

economic success to the Borough. However, the majority of responders believe events should be limited in size,

and, judging from the comments, there is a general feeling that the Borough is achieving a tipping point in terms

of quantity/size of events.

To download the complete report, click here:

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