The Mayor’s job is protecting our community. As the citizen leader of our police department, Dianne’s leadership -- her experience in administration, community organizing, and collaboration -- will help keep our town safe.
Read Dianne's "Town-Gown" white paper to read more about how she will help
protect our neighborhoods.



Historic and environmental preservation are crucial to our quality of life.
Dianne is a prominent leader on environmental issues, a successful advocate
for preserving our town.
Watch our video to see how Dianne encourages good development in West Chester.



Prosperity is central to Borough policies and programs. Dianne will continue building West Chester’s local economy for the benefit of all.
Dear Friends and Neighbors:
Like so many of the women and men who are rising up to engage in our democracy, I cannot sit down. I believe — as I have demonstrated for more than 12 years through service to West Chester — that a healthy democracy begins at home.
When we as members of a community respect our diversity, recognize our shared needs and values, and work together, we can face any challenge that confronts us. We can make our community stronger.

Like many long-time residents of the Borough, I love West Chester. As we move into the future together, I will work with you to help protect our community, preserve our history and our environment, and support our local economy and public schools.

Thanks for your support!

Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community