Dianne will be a great mayor! I have worked with her for over 12 years.

She is a strong and caring leader who is deeply committed to making

our community better for us and our children.

Carolyn Comitta

State Representative

Former West Chester Mayor





I have worked with Dianne. She is a proven and competent performer who knows how to get things done. Endorsed by the Sierra Club, she has broad experience in environmental issues. She also has the right temperament to be West Chester's mayor and will be exceptionally responsive to residents.

Don Braceland, Borough Council Member, Ward 5


I have known Dianne Herrin for almost 15 years. In that time, she has been tireless in her efforts to steer West Chester toward a smart and responsible future. She is intelligent, thorough, and inclusive. 

Holly Brown, Former Borough Council President, Business Owner, and Leading Advocate for West Chester

I will vote for Dianne Herrin for mayor. I believe Dianne has the vision to lead West Chester into the future. Her sense of balance between smart growth and preservation of what makes West Chester unique is well thought out and comprehensive. Dianne has already proven through several roles that she has a commitment to the town and the passion to act.

Ed Brownley, Jr., Ward 3 Democratic Committee Person 


Within moments of meeting Dianne at the BLUER [Borough Leaders United for Energy Reduction] kickoff meeting, I knew that she was someone with strong environmental values and the conviction to work diligently to achieve community goals. She worked tirelessly to help develop the Borough's 2005 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan and showed excellent leadership and communication skills throughout her tenure on the BLUER committee. In subsequent volunteer roles, I have seen firsthand the tenacity and depth to which she develops knowledge and understanding of the issues. Dianne will make an amazing Mayor of West Chester Borough!
Courtney Marm Finneran

Mayoral candidate Dianne Herrin brings to West Chester a strong commitment to the environment, a respect for our history and a celebration of diversity. She is an activist, someone who steps up and leads while many are just thinking about it. She has championed environmental initiatives to make the borough cleaner and greener and to allow the borough control of issues related to our own community. That may sound easy, but it is very challenging. I was so happy to hear her focus on issues that are most important to me in her speech launching her campaign: the environment, our proud history in the borough and her recognition that the diversity of our community should be acknowledged and celebrated. Her candidacy carries on the traditions of Mayor Comitta who has led the borough so effectively. Dianne Herrin has my strong support and endorsement in her campaign for mayor of West Chester.

Margaret Hudgings


I am very happy to support Dianne Herrin for Mayor, because of her smart and caring community involvement. We have been involved in a variety of successful community development and efficiency projects over the years, and I am always impressed by Dianne's genuine interest and concern. She demonstrates her knowledge and leadership by providing the group with intelligent information in a well-crafted and well-communicated approach. I am certain she will promote the Borough's interests and protect our wonderful, livable community.
A. Stevens Krug, AIA, PE, LEED AP, Principal, Krug Architects


It is important that our next mayor continue the great work that Mayor Comitta has done for our town, especially working with the University and the community to address critical joint issues. I cannot think of anyone better qualified than Dianne Herrin to continue Carolyn's work.

Richard May, 2016 Outstanding Citizen of the Year, West Chester Area Chamber of Commerce

In the decade I've been involved in community groups with Dianne, I've come to know her as a passionate leader and motivator with a never say no attitude. She is a tireless champion for the betterment of our town with the ability to formulate an objective into a clear plan of action and mobilize other stakeholders to work with her to achieve results. West Chester will certainly benefit with having this spirit as our mayor.

David Mazzocco, Former Chair/Green Building Advisor, BLUER


Dianne has consistently shown, through many years of service, the fortitude, energy, and focus necessary to bring complicated ideas to practical results. Working with and supporting Dianne along the way has always been a pleasure, and I look forward to continuing the journey with Dianne in the Mayor's office working for and achieving the results our community deserves.

Jordan Norley, Vice President, Borough Council

I've been a two-term county commissioner, I've lived in West Chester and practiced law here for 45 years, and I've known most of the elected officials in the town for most of those years. I know what it takes to be a good mayor. Dianne has the skills we need in a mayor — experience, dedication to our community, and the ability to listen and collaborate. She has a steady hand, the right temperament, and she's bright. I endorse her without hesitation.
Pat O’Donnell

I have known and debated Dianne regarding development issues in the borough’s business district. I am impressed with her tenacity, hard work and attention to detail -- qualities I am sure will lead to her success as West Chester’s next mayor.

Ray Ott, Ray Ott & Associates, Planning and Landscape Architecture

Dianne!! An impressively accomplished woman with a compassionate heart running for public office - a terrific combination for West Chester! My husband and I honor her brave desire to "get in the ring" and seek positive change for our community!

Vicki Reilly, West Chester Area Education Foundation Board Member

For as long as I have known her, Dianne has been a staunch supporter of strong public education. I know she will carry this commitment with her as Mayor, and will work hard to ensure that our schools continue to serve all of our students well.
Kate Shaw, WCASD School Board Member


I am pleased to support Dianne Herrin in her bid to be the next Mayor of West Chester. Dianne has the right skills, intelligence, and temperament to be an exceptional representative of our glorious town. She understands the need to be collaborative with the many stakeholders who participate in making our town the special place it is, and she will be professional and sincere in her oversight of our outstanding police department. I fully endorse Dianne Herrin as Mayor because she will do us proud!

Barbara McIlvaine Smith, Former PA State Representative

For many years, Dianne has been leading the Borough on issues like reducing carbon dioxide pollution, passing a citizens' bill of environmental rights, and adopting sustainable models of community life. I welcome her next step: Mayor!
Nathaniel Smith, Civic Activist/Blogger 

I have known Dianne Herrin for nearly 10 years, and first met her when she was working as a volunteer for the

Borough of West Chester on their environmental committee. As we worked together on a project to reduce energy consumption and costs at the Borough Hall, I was amazed at her personal commitment to making her hometown a better place for her children and neighbors to live. I was fortunate enough to have her agree to come work for my company at the end of that project. After spending 15 years volunteering in different capacities myself for local municipalities and schools, I can confidently say that I've never met anyone more hard-working, action oriented, and dedicated to having a positive impact in their community than Dianne Herrin.

Paul Spiegel, President of Practical Energy Solutions

The future of West Chester needs Dianne for mayor NOW! She has my VOTE!

Dr. Wendy J. Wallace, DO, FAAP, Board of Directors, Care Center Foundation



Mike Galey, Ward 3 Borough Council Member
Bill Scott, Ward 1 Borough Council Member




Wow! What a woman. Dianne is a dedicated, conscientious and loving mother of her two sons, partner/wife to her husband, and daughter to her mother. She is an astutely insightful observer of our society, identifying its certain needs, and she creatively, persistently, and successfully provides meaningful solutions. Dianne continuously strives for a better future for all of us individually and as a community.
Bob Bruckman

I've been looking to get involved politically in a more local way, and would like to start by supporting local candidates that I support. I am inspired by Dianne's history in the fight for a healthier environment and would love to work as a part of the team to get successful, powerful, inspiring women like Dianne into local government.

Julia Farrington


So excited for my friend and neighbor, Dianne Herrin, running for mayor! You go, girl! We need Dianne's passion and determination in West Chester. She has my VOTE!
Margy Gamble

I have worked with Dianne for over three years now at Practical Energy Solutions and have no doubt she will make a great mayor for West Chester!!

Laura Gift, Office and Data Manager, Practical Energy Solutions

You won't find a more dedicated, honest, intelligent, and informed candidate that Dianne Herrin. She is the voice of the people. Let her speak for you.

Korinne M. Jackman

I am delighted to support Dianne Herrin in her campaign for Mayor of West Chester and look forward to the experience and skills she will bring to the office and our community.

Susan Johnstone

I am certain Dianne will be the most honest and dedicated mayor! Godspeed Dianne!

Lyla Kaplan

I spent an afternoon talking to West Chester residents about Dianne Herrin and the local issues she supports — preservation of historic significance of West Chester, prosperity for its citizens, maintaining a safe environment, enjoying and sharing our way of life; having a locally functional and accepting political environment that works together for its citizens — everyone wants this. That is what Dianne seeks to pursue as mayor.

Rick London

Dianne Herrin is a very passionate, aware, and active citizen with a proven record of involvement with efforts aimed at maintaining and improving the overall well-being of our community. If there is an issue causing you concern, Dianne is the neighbor you want in your camp.

Gina Mazzocco

Dianne Herrin is a vibrant candidate for our great town! She has the thought leadership and vision that will keep our borough strong and resilient. I am so pleased to support her to be the next great mayor of West Chester.

Dawn Mazzone

An amazing candidate for the town I grew up in ... someone who applies her intelligence and passion for the environment in a way that gets things done! West Chester is lucky to have Dianne Herrin as a choice to run and

manage the great town it is!!

Kevin Moore

I couldn't support another as strongly as I support Dianne. She is intelligent, thoughtful, passionate, and

compassionate. She has a vision for tomorrow!

Mary Moore 

Our neighbor and friend, Dianne Herrin, has been a fabulous advocate for local and national causes since we first met her 17 years ago. We cannot think of a more worthy candidate for Mayor of West Chester than Dianne! Dianne has been a great researcher, journalist, and leader ALL of this time — and only more good will come of her in her possible new role here!

Marybeth Phillips

This is truly the best thing that has happened in politics in a long time. Count on my support!

Stephen Phillips

Holly Brown, Chair; Kevin Carson, Campaign Manager; Linda Scott, Treasurer; Jim Salvas, Chief Strategist; Lane Randall, Webmaster