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In 2016, members of the West Chester community, led by West Chester resident Alice Hammond, formed the West Chester Diversity in Action Council (DIAC) in response to a racist incident in West Chester. You can read about the incident here

DIAC is comprised of the Mayor, West Chester NAACP President and Pastor Dr .Wayne Croft, West Chester University President Dr. Chris Fiorentino, West Chester Area School District Superintendent Dr. Jim Scanlon, former Mayor and State Representative Carolyn Comitta, West Chester Borough Police Chief Scott Bohn, numerous and diverse faith leaders, business leaders, and concerned citizens all across the greater West Chester area.


As Alice put it, DIAC's primary purpose is for our community to be strong and vocal about negative events that happen here, and to send a clear message that we won't tolerate hate.



The Greater West Chester Diversity in Action Council was established to bring representatives with deep reach into the area's most diverse communities together, to strengthen our connectivity, and create a social space for community leaders to set into action the values found in the Greater West Chester Code of Community Values Resolution and Pledge We affirm the dignity of all people.


In our commitment to ensuring Greater West Chester remains a vibrant and welcoming community, the Greater West Chester Diversity in Action Council was founded with the express purpose to provide an opportunity for:

  • Community support and response

  • Prevention

  • Rumor control 

  • Planning. 


As conscientious citizens, DIAC members unanimously agree to the
following principles as a guide in our conduct with each other: 

  • Generosity in spirit

  • Allowing for clarification of perceptions

  • Respect for privacy and confidentiality

  • Purity of information

  • Shared responsibility and concern

  • Clear and concise communication.

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The Greater West Chester Diversity in Action Council 

invites you to show your personal commitment by signing the

Greater West Chester Code of Community Values Resolution and Pledge. 

Read the pledge, and join us by signing on below.


Created August 21, 2016

Whereas, the people of Greater West Chester value safety and security; we agree to come

together when incidents happen that may be a result of hatred or discrimination based on race,

color, national and ethnic origin, citizenship status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation,

religion, disability, age, and economic status.

Whereas, the community of West Chester values equality not just through policy and protocol

but in how we treat each other in our daily lives; we agree to address issues of concern brought

to our attention.

Whereas, there have been recent events in a local park, our schools, and the nation that

express threats and imply hatred against African American citizens who are members of this


Whereas, respect for each other is the foundation of the growth and stability of Greater West

Chester; we agree to pursue opportunities to ensure residents and visitors alike feel both safe

and welcome. We affirm the dignity of all people.

Whereas, the Community of Greater West Chester thrives because of the collective power of

our diversity with regard to race, ethnicity, faiths, business leaders, non-profit organizations,

and universities; we agree to come together in times of both celebration and adversity.

Whereas, we the citizens, community leaders, school leadership and other officials of Greater

West Chester have come together to make a public declaration of the values we honor and the

behaviors to which we object.

Resolved, as people of good will, we will not tolerate hateful speech or actions toward any

individual or group in our community. We know that when one of us suffers, we all suffer and

the vibrancy of our community is diminished. We are united in that understanding.

The community of West Chester designates this Greater West Chester Code of Community Values

Resolution and Pledge to be a living document, subject to change as the needs of our community

evolves; we agree to review this document annually and as need arise.


Terms of Working Collaborative:

This pledge will be reviewed by the community within a month of the one-year anniversary of

signing in the month of August, chaired by the Mayor of West Chester and the President of the West Chester NAACP.

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