A Tribute to Our Campaign Chair

Holly Brown

I came to know Holly Brown when I helped her with her first campaign
for Borough Council in 2006. Her slogan was "Brown Delivers," and it
was not just a slogan. Holly has delivered for West Chester for decades.  


I am honored to have her support. Join me in taking a moment to
recognize Holly'e service to the Borough of West Chester. Read about
her many and important contributions: 

  • Owner, KALY Boutique. (Now owned and operated by her
    daughter, Polly.)

  • Founding Member, Main Street Program, Late 1980s. 

  • Founding Member, Downtown Committee, 1994.

  • Founding Member, Citizens-Business Alliance, 1998. The CBA was
    instrumental in revitalizing our downtown, and Holly also started
    Swinging Summer Thursdays!

  • Founding Member, Business Improvement District (BID) Authorization Committee, which led to the formal authorization of the BID. This was a key step in ensuring continued progress toward our downtown revitalization, as it ensures a sustainable funding source for revitalization and marketing efforts.

  • Board Member, BID, 2001-2006.

  • Member and President of Borough Council, 2006-2014. During her tenure, Holly made many contributions to our community. Here are just a few. She renegotiated the Borough employees' healthcare and pension plans, resulting in substantial savings to the Borough and taxpayers. She limited the student population in the town center to 25%. She helped keep building heights in the town center reasonable. She supported the installation of temporary outdoor café patios for in-town restaurants.


What has Holly been up to since her tenure on Borough Council, during her "retirement"?  Here are some highlights:

  • President, Business Improvement District.

  • Vice Chair, West Chester Borough Comprehensive Plan Task Force.

  • Vice President, Uptown! Entertainment Alliance. She was instrumental in the success of West Chester's new theater!

  • Member, Friends of Marshall Square Park.

  • Member, Friends of Marshall Square Park Fountain Restoration Committee.

  • Member, Housing Stakeholders Group, Chester County Landscapes 3.

  • Member, West Chester Together, a collaboration between the Borough and West Chester University to promote shared community values and positive community norms.

Thank you, Holly!  Brown delivers!

A Message from Dianne